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Campus History

Meador Logo

B.F. Meador Elementary opened its doors on December 12, 1963, to 495 students with Hollis D. Powell as its principal. Meador Elementary is named in honor of Mr. B. F. Meador, the former Mayor of South Houston and a supporter of public education. 


At the time of the campus opening, the school had 34 classrooms, a cafeteria, an office area, and a teachers’ lounge. The school was built in response to recommendations from George Thompson, the district’s superintendent, who took notice of the area’s rising population. Prior to the building of the campus, the land was a wide open space with salt grass prairie. The opening of the school was delayed for a short while and the facilities at Jessup Elementary School were shared with Meador students until the construction of Meador was complete. After the opening of the school in December of 1963,  the dedication of Meador Elementary School was held in the cafeteria on April 26, 1964. In 1965, air-conditioning was installed. The school courtyard was enclosed and converted into a larger office area and a library in 1967. A year after that, the population had rapidly grown and Meador Elementary School had almost 1,000 students. Atkinson Elementary was built to relieve the crowding at the campus. Half of Meador's students, the principal, the secretary, and many of the teachers moved to Atkinson. Meador Elementary was left with five teachers and 543 children. William A. McNabb was selected as Meador’s new principal and he replenished the faculty with a group of bright young teachers. In 1971, housing developments were springing up along the Gulf Freeway, causing Beverly Hills Intermediate School to become overcrowded. To relieve the overcrowding at Beverly Hills, 180 sixth-grade students were assigned to Meador. 


Several renovations have taken place in recent years. In 2000, the old library was made into an office and teachers’ lounge. A new wing was built that included a library and additional fourth-grade classrooms, along with updated student restrooms. In 2016, Meador was chosen as a SPARK Park grant recipient. Construction of the playground lasted two years and in 2018, the park opened with a walking track, basketball courts, and a playground. 


The campus now serves around 500 students in prekindergarten through fourth grade and has specialty programs for differently abled students, including two special education programs for students with autism and a preschool program for students with disabilities. The campus is proud of its academic achievements. Meador has been an academically award-winning campus each year since before the creation of the STAAR test. Now, the campus receives five out of five distinctions that can be awarded by TEA. For the past three years, Meador has been named a Blue Ribbon School at the state level.

List of Principals
  • Hollis Powell 1963-1969
  • William McNabb 1969-1987
  • Steve Laymon 1987-1995
  • Darlene Kelley 1995-2011
  • Beverly Bolton 2011-2022
  • Jennifer Chavez 2022-present